West australian veterinary emergency response incorporated

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West Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Incorporated (WAVER) is a Not-For-Profit Animal Welfare Charity consisting of volunteer veterinary personnel and participating vet hospitals. 


We are currently raising funds to purchase Volunteer Insurance - without insurance we cannot be mobilised. 

Your assistance is vital to our operation.



Our aim is to provide frontline veterinary emergency services, utilising  voluntary veterinary personnel, equipment and resources, to attend to the welfare of all animals injured, trapped, lost, abandoned or affected in any way requiring veterinary assistance, in the event of natural or manmade emergencies and disasters in Western Australia.


WAVER is working towards becoming a formalised group with our goal to become embedded within the Emergency Services structure in WA.             The purpose of WAVER will be, as directed by Emergency Services, to assist with rescues, triage, treat and coordinate dispersal of animals to participating veterinary hospitals and peripheral carers as required.


Our mission is to fulfil the expectations of our profession and society to care, manage and support the welfare of the animals of our families, society and livelihoods in the event of disasters and emergencies.

WAVER maintains a register of veterinarians & registered veterinary nurses willing to volunteer for emergencies along with participating vet hospitals.

Members will be involved in further training             such as  Treatment of Burnt Wildlife; Fire Ground Training, Technical & Large Animal Rescue (TLAER).

Dispersal of animals after triage will be to participating veterinary hospitals and animal/wildlife carers as required. 

WAVER will collate, maintain and make available equipment, infrastructure and resources necessary for our purpose. These items will be sought via donations and via purchase through funds raised and funding applications.

Our ultimate goal is to become embedded within the structure and planning of Western Australia's governing Emergency Response structures.

Society expects the veterinary profession to assist animals in emergencies. 

Our work depends on your generous support - even small donations will assist animals in     emergencies.

Who can REGISTER with WAVER ?

Registration is available to all:

Veterinarians & vet students                         

Wildlife Carers & Groups

Registered & training vet nurses   

Peripheral personnel 

Participating vet hospitals

WAVER has recently initiated communication with the newly formed Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT).

AVERT has been established by Vets Beyond Borders to provide an Australia wide register of volunteer veterinary personnel.

Our registration forms will provide the opportunity to indicate if vet personnel wish to include AVERT registration along with their WAVER registration.

More information on AVERT click HERE



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