Registration & Training


Everyone registered with WAVER can also choose to be a member of a particular team.

The following teams and personnel are being developed; please indicate on your registration your specific area of interest and expertise - all personnel are welcome to contribute ideas, plans and training formats.

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Veterinary Specific:

  • Burns Treatment
  • Field Triage & Team Leaders
  • Hospital Treatment
  • Large Animal Rescue
  • Wildlife Treatment & Rehabilitation

Emergency Services :

  • Large Animal Rescue
  • Fire Ground Training
  • Emergency Services experienced staff

                                                                                      TLAER training in America

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Vet and Vet Nurse Registration Form

Hospital Registration Form

Wildlife Carers & Peripheral Personnel Registration Form


SEMC District Maps:    

 For efficient registration we will utilise these districts while we organise our registration process. Please refer to the above map to check your registration district.

e.g. If you live in Serpentine you will be "East Metropolitan".

 Future training and development of volunteers has been initiated:

• Participation and presentation of WAVER at the Treating Burns Workshop at the AVA State Conference in Perth October 2016. 

• WAVER registrants are invited to the WA Horse Council TLAER workshop in May 2017. See below for registration details.

• WAVER will seek to organise Basic Fire Ground Training for our    volunteers.

• Develop a WAVER Operational Recourse based on AIIMS foundations.

• Website development including links to training, including AIIMS resources.

• WAVER is interested in the development of training workshops for Large Animal Handling directed towards non-veterinary Emergency Personnel. We are aware that many Emergency Personnel may have little or nil knowledge of large animal handling.


WAVER is initiating development of our Operational Recourse based on the foundations of the Australian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS). WAVER committee encourages all volunteers to familiarise themselves with this system as it is applicable to everyone involved in emergency work. A good way to start is with a online course, with links to further courses, available here:

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Many of the varied Emergency Personnel who may be present in large animal emergencies will be people who may have had little or nil exposure to the handling of large animals. This combination of lack of animal handling experience, a stressed large animal and an emergency situation can result in a difficult situation becoming even more dangerous. Adding human injury to an existing emergency is to be avoided at all costs.

WAVER Chairperson, Dr Joan Deetman, is currently compiling a Manual of Large Animal Handling for Emergency Personnel. It is a work in progress and in time we hope to be able to publish the manual and organise Large Animal Handling workshops.

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The WA Horse Council has organised the following workshop for May 2017.

WAVER volunteers are encouraged to attend. WAVER will be pursuing sponsorship to help fund the cost of this training opportunity so be sure to register with WAVER if you attend the workshop.

(Workshop registration is via the WA Horse Council).

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October 2016 - WAVER participated and presented at Australian Veterinary Association WA State Conference in conjunction with Dr Anne Fowlers Treating Burns Workshop. Many thanks to the support from IFAW and the AVA WA Division.

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