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Osprey Hydraulics LT 1L Hydration Bladder

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Osprey Hydraulics LT 1L Hydration Bladder

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Product OverviewOsprey Hydraulics LT 1L Hydration Bladder

The reservoir design sandwiches an anatomically shaped molded plastic sheet between a layer of nylon fabric and the reservoir back. This forces the reservoir to conform to the back s complex shape, even when full. The result is a more precise, stable and comfortable fit. Additionally, this reservoir has a rigid handle/spine that stabilizes the load of the water while also serving as a more convenient design to slide the reservoir into the pack

New MPEfilmprovides taste-free qualities of polyethylene with the added benefit of extra strength over typical PE films. The M in MPE stands for metallocene, a special catalyst used in the manufacture of the PE resin. It forms a PE that is more consistent and even in structure, resulting in greater strength and resiliency, making it ideal for reservoirs. This added durability allows it to handle hot water. It is BPA & PVC free, of course.

New HydroStatic backer plate creates a wider and lower profile. A traditional reservoir barrels out and forms a straight tube when filled, interfering with a pack s ability to fit the body. The HydroStatic plate shapes the reservoir to ensure pack fit is preserved for optimal stability and comfort.

When we first endeavored to bring a hydration reservoir to market, we knew it had to be groundbreaking in all respects carrying water should never compromise fit, comfort or stability in a pack. The Osprey Hydraulics reservoir is now entirely designed and manufactured by Osprey, carrying forward key innovations while offering major improvement to many features.