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Osprey Ultralight Shoe Cube - Shadow Grey

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Osprey Ultralight Shoe Cube - Shadow Grey

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Volume: 305 IN3 / 5 L
Dimensions: 32H X 19W X 17D CM
Weight: 0.1 KG

MAIN: 40D Nylon Ripstop
ACCENT: 40D Nylon Ripstop

Product OverviewOsprey Ultralight Shoe Cube - Shadow Grey

If your shoes get muddy, or just downright stink, these ingenious little saviors will keep the rest of your clothes and gear fresh and clean. They're great for traveling and for protecting your clothes, gear and car from your filthy mountain bike or running shoes on everyday adventures.

Our philosophy for travel is simple: Make it easier to organize and pack your gear when travelling so that you can spend more time enjoying your experience. No matter your packing style or destination, our comprehensive line of curated travel solutions has something for everyone. Traveling to Russia for business? The Garment Folder will keep your shirts fresh and clean. More of a shirt roller? No problem, packing cubes are your answer (also for undies and such). Do your workout clothes smell like a yeti? Boom, Double Sided Packing Cubes. Need something to carry to the beach when you arrive? Stuff Tote is your jam. Whatever your activity, destination, or style, we have your needs covered in spades.